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SaaS 4 BRM: Build Value-Based Trusted Relationships - Business Case Terms
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Corporate IT Project Business Case (Nov. 2020)

The goal of this blog is to explore not what ought to be included in a Business Case document but can be included to meaningfully advance the investment decisions ...


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Talent Wins Games, Teamwork Wins Championships (Sept 2020)



By BRM and the Architect professionals working together, we can help materialize the business purpose and simultaneously create a culture of engaged and inclusive growth. This is our calling


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Business Relationship Management and Service Catalogue (Sept 2020)



“ Evolve culture, Build Partnerships, Drive Value: Satisfy Purpose" is the role of a Business Relationship Management professional, then this service catalogue can seamlessly work with other disciplines in an IT Organization. 


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Business Relationship Management and Digital Transformation (Aug 2020)



Without Trust, Digital Transformation will be another lost opportunity for most mature organizations. 


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Udemy Course 

Innovation in Public and Semi-Public Sector

Innovation for Public Good




The goal of this course is to engage a broad group of stakeholders to explore opportunities to Innovate and Disrupt the status quo.



The program is organized into three sections

  1. Section 1: Introduction to Innovation life Cycle Concepts

  2. Section 2: Self Directed Workshop to Complete the Analyses after each Module

  3. Section 3: Join monthly study groups organized by the instructor via WebEx.



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Track Covid-19: population health approach (May 2020)



To tackle COVID 19 spread, there are many initiatives underway with varying degrees of success. How about we take a fundamentally different approach – instead of tracking each person, we take a population health approach.  


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Innovation and Disruptive Change: Scope of Each Iteration (January 2020)



Innovation Requires incremental enrichment of the four Data Points - the problem to solve, solution uniqueness, MVP. disruption plan.



The result – product/service good enough to create Disruptive Change


Learning Question – how to structure the iterative cycles to hit the market with 5Rs - Right Product, Right Price, Right Market, Right Stakeholders, Right Distribution of Profits  

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