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Our Goal
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Our Goal

Our goal is to develop tools and support ordinary citizens who aspire to drive Transformational Change in organizations where they work and in communities where they live.

Transformational Change  in Organizations where we work and Communities where we live.

2023 ++ to be written

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Help create economies that are firmly supported by Communities, Private Sector, and Public Institutions as three pillars of sustainable progress.

2021 to 2022 

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Developed WhiteSparrow Platform (result of three innovation cycles)

2016 to 2020


Adapt Transformational Change tools of the Organizations to the Communities 

2001 to 2015

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Digital Transformation & Untapped Value

1990 to 2000 

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Business Etiquette of Driving Change in Unionized Environments 

Our Story

Our Teams

Platform Team 


Platform team includes staff with following skills: 

  • Enterprise Architecture 

  • Machine Learning 

  • Full Stack Development

  • Product Owner 

  • Marketing and Communication


Team Manager

Jody Green 

WhiteSparrow Mentors


Our mentors are Transformational Change Practitioners who work with our members to help drive change in their Communities.

To learn more about WhiteSparrow mentor program, contact


Major-Jason Uppal, P.Eng.  

List of Mentors

A current list if all mentors is available on the WhiteSparrow platform

Our Teams
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