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Drive Transformational Change by Focusing on the Lived Experiences of those who are Impacted. 


The WhiteSparrow Platform


The platform enables you to engage stakeholders, learn from their Lived Experiences and drive inclusive change within the organizations where you work and communities where you live. 


The platform is a machine learning-enabled software as a service that seamlessly integrates with most commonly deployed  change processes 

It is a community  solution


Combine your change practitioner skills with the Lived Experiences of the impacted, build roadmaps, create momentum, and drive change that benefits all.

Lived Experiences  Background

Lived Experiences & Types of Change 

Business Transformation 

The voice of:

  • Staff & Partners

  • Current and Future Customers

  • Senior Management 

  • Regulators

  • Technology Futurists

  • Special Interest Groups - ESG, . . .

Voice Of People Who Drive Change

Design Thinking 

The voice of:

  • Current and Future Customers 

  • Nature of Fuel vs Friction

  • Partners and Suppliers  

  • Financial Markets 

  • Strategic Differentiators 

Work Colleagues_edited.jpg

Community Activism

Explore the impact of Lived Experiences:

  • A community designed for Walking

  • Public Education

  • Fair Healthcare

  • Integration of New Immigrants

  • Skills for a new Self Sustaining economy

  • Rebalance roles – Government, Private Sector, and Communities

  • Our Community (Individual Liberty)

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Partner Services
Digital Transformation Services Background

Our Work in Organizations  

Health and safety.jpg
Why Safe Workplace Matters

Done right - Safe workplace, productivity, efficiency, product quality, and environmental protection don’t have to be zero-sum gains, they are all part of the same tree.

Learn How did we use the Lived Experiences approach to help build a safe and productive environment?

Migrate Core Applications to the Cloud

It is simple to migrate an existing system to the cloud and realize obvious benefits such as lower security threats, manage supported platform stack and achieve business process agility.

The real benefits go beyond these measures - build enthusiasm for change; that  can only be realized through engagement.

Explore Demonstrated Benefits via Lived Experiences Approach


Analytics and Lived Experiences  

Those who act on the Information 

In addition to building an analytics platform that can efficiently  Ingest, Process, and Analyze data, we also incorporate the Lived Experiences  of those who act on the information

Learn how the WhiteSparrow engagement platform and Analytics cloud are powering the next generation of knowledge workers.


Our Work in Communities  

Rethink Long-Term Care

If there is one thing we learned during the COVID is how vulnerable our senior citizens are.

All proposed solutions, to date,  have no hope in hell actually seeing the light of day. In part, they start with the assumption that politicians can be pressured into spending money they don’t have.

Is there a better way?

Share Your Lived Experiences

net zero.jpg
Kawarthas – Net Zero Goal

Net-Zero targets don’t have to be some lefty, tree-hugging endeavor, it makes sense to strive for minimum damage to our environment. After all, we all want our great-grandchildren to go out in the open without an oxygen tank on their backs. 



What will it take for a rural city like Kawarthas to achieve Net-Zero targets?



Share Your Lived Experiences

Serve and Protect

In light of how police services do their job, not just in our communities but around the globe, calls for police reforms are loud and clear. Just remember behind every victim and behind every police officer there is a child, spouse, mother, father, sister, and brother.


There has to be a better way for us as a society

Share Your Lived Experiences

Get Started
Make Lived Experiences Real Background

Need Proof 

Start with a Complimentary Workshop 

Explore the Impact of Lived Experiences on your Transformation Journey

Why Us
FAQ Background
Our Strengths Background

Ask Yourself, Why Not You!

#DoBetter #HelpDoBetter
Your Skills
  • Understand the need for change


  • Ability to engage and listen

  • Create complete solutions

  • Build Momentum for Change

The Need
  • Change in our organizations often leaves the voiceless behind

  • Our community is not the dominion of a select few, it Is ours to build

If not you, then Who
  • •#DoBetter – learn new skills for the betterment


  • #helpDoBetter – mentor others to be better

  • Drive change, don’t wait for revolutions

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