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Keep Momentum for Change Alive

Your staff’s ingenious doesn’t stop at improving corporate financial performance; it can and must go further.


Our Services

Staff Lived Experiences with current processes and systems often give rise to opportunities that go beyond the current Value Chain. Through active analysis, WhiteSparrow Labs professionals work with your CSR teams to bring these opportunities to fruition. 

CSR Opportunities 

Analyze Lived Experiences to identify improvement opportunities that are aligned with Enterprise Corporate Social Responsibility. 


Roadmap, Business Case and Resources

Build Momentum

Work with your staff to build momentum for change within the organization and the community. 


Engagement Strategy that aligns to the Enterprise Vision.


Our professionals with diverse backgrounds work with internal and external resources to drive your CSR strategies while fostering a culture of innovation within the organization.


Impactful Change 

Active Projects

Our member led community projects are inspired by UN Sustainable Development Goals 

Policing & Justice in Canada

Defunding police will not create a fair and equitable Justice System, so what will, share your Lived Experiences

Member Lived Experience

“by and large, policing and justice are fair in Canada, but if you get trapped in this mesh, you better have a lot of money to free yourself from its web. Instead of more money for legal aid, bring common sense to the system and make it cheaper.”

City View

City of Kawarthas - Net Zero Carbon Footprint

We can debate the science of climate change, or accept that cleaner air is good for all.   What if we set the Big Hairy Audacious Goal of Net-Zero carbon footprint goal for our city, work together to understand what we can do and incrementally do it without government involvement?

Member Lived Experience

“How is carbon footprint calculated in a city like Kawarthas, once we know that then we can start to impact it. It is really that simple.”

Re-Think Long Term Care

Let’s combine the elements of Early and Late Life Care and develop a uniquely Canadian model of care.

Member Lived Experience

“What if we think long term care as a community center rather than a hospital, where nurses and doctors know everything, residents who have lived a successful life, had careers, raised families, etc. become incapable to do anything, something is wrong with current model of care”

Haircut Smiles
Protesting With Sign

Walkable Cities

What will reduce your dependency on the car for non-work-related activities take?

Member Lived Experience

“We need more ways to plan and celebrate localized community events, instead of going far away to grand events”

Population of Canada  - 100 Million by 2100

The world needs more of Canada and we can’t do that unless we have a population base that can thrive in Canadian Values.

Member Lived Experience

“There is no way Canada can absorb 60 million new people, where will the money come from? Besides, people with energy, enthusiasm, and skills much rather stay in their own country and build there instead of coming to Canada”

It certainly needs some out-of-the-box thinking to get there.

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