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About Lived Experiences

The practice of Lived Experiences has its roots in the scientific (Phenomenological)​ approach to qualitative analysis. The goal is not to accept each experience as a fact, but to gain a deep understanding of underlying opportunities and strengthen the commitment to change.

WhiteSparrow Team's Recent Engagements:

Organization Programs


 Improve Workplace Safety, Product Quality, and Labour Efficiency

. . . your workforce is more just labour


Climate Change and Financial Disclosures  (TCFD)

. . . help avoid green washing


Digital Transformation & Organization Inertia

. . . your staff understand the need for change, don't assume otherwise


Make Corporate Social Responsibility a Daily Act

. . . CSR needs your staff more than your money


Post-Transformation Center of Excellence

. . . after all of these changes, now what?​

Community Programs


Rethink Long Term Care in Canada

. . . start by rethinking our values, not investments


My Anchor (manage stress, anxiety,  . . . depression without meds)​

. . . sometimes a kind act is all you need 


Kawarthas as Co2 Sequester​

. . . use our landmass to become carbon neutral, one city at a time 

Power of Lived Experience ​

“when I go home and try to pick up my son, my shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore” Lived Experience of an industrial worker, that guided an entire health and safety program,1989.

WhiteSparrow Platform

a cloud solution that can process thousands of  Lived Experiences in Real-Time

We now have the ability to capture Lived Experiences where they occur and continuously synthesize them to influence improvement themes, develop strategies for change and adoption.

The system is designed to financially and professionally remunerate and recognize the providers of Lived Experiences for their skills and knowledge.

The platform, a cloud native solution,  has been in production since Sept 2020 and is available on:​

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What can WhiteSparrow do for us?​
With three simple steps make your next Change Project,  a start of something different:​
Step 1

Conference Room Pilot

Gather Lived Experiences of selected stakeholders with respect to a specific business process or area of focus. Duration: one-hour virtual session


Our Analyst will define the improvement roadmap and scope of change for the next 30, 90, and 180 days based on limited set of experiences. 

Step 2

Private Pilot

Incrementally extend the platform to your staff, enroll strategies,  and make Lived Experiences a continuous input to  your current change delivery process.


Demonstrate quantifiable impact of your change programs.

Step 3


Engage your office and field staff, partners, and customers, learn from their Lived Experiences and engineer change that matters.


Help make staff engagement part of your corporate scorecard and showcase impact of Lived Experiences beyond your current Value Chain.

Engage with your WhiteSparrow Analyst​

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WhiteSparrow Team Mandate ​
Build and distribute an enterprise-scale capability to drive change that matters


1. Cloud - Native​
2. Based on a single data point entry

3.Leverage machine learning and AI​

4.Incorporate social media principles of engagement​

5. Respect individual privacy

6. enumerate the contributors of Lived Experiences​

7. Help close gaps in how to engage staff and transform Lived Experiences into testable Business Requirements ​

Team Members

1. Jason Uppal P.Eng.
Architect & Product Owner
2. Franz Ho
Full Stack Engineer
3.Hrad Hakemian
Machine Learning Engineer
4. Jody Green
Social Media
5. Tanveer Gill
Scrum Master

Guidance & Funding

1. Management guidance to the WhiteSparrow team is provided by QRS & Synoverge.

2. The project, in part, is financially supported by a private equity firm.