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In every organization, there are Opportunities to do: BETTER.

In every nation, there are Opportunities to:  Heal old Wounds

In every community, there are Opportunities to do: MORE.

In every heart, there is the power to: Change Status Quo

WhiteSparrow Labs 

  • WhiteSparrow Labs is a non-profit organization,

  • Our goal is to enable and empower members to drive purposeful change in organizations where they work and communities where they live by focusing on the Lived Experiences of the people.


WhiteSparrow Labs Members

Financial Advisor


Associates are ordinary citizens and Organisations’ staff who share the Lived Experiences around opportunities and challenges within the communities where they live and Organizations where they work.


Free Membership

Financial Graphs


Analysts are everyday people with the time and skills to engage with their fellow members, learn from their authentic Lived Experiences and help steer the change within their organizations and communities.


Free Membership



Organization members aspire to engage broadly to make their Digital Transformation Journey more effective within their current value chain as well as in communities where they do business.


Our member organizations pay to use the WhiteSparrow Platform and services


How we Support our Members

WhiteSparrow Platform
  • Cloud platform to engage people

  • Learn from their Lived Experiences

  • Develop roadmaps, and transition plans and build momentum for change

Associates & Analysts
  • Provide online education and training on how to transform Lived Experiences into Change Plans

  • Through workshops and 1:1 mentoring, enable our members to drive purposeful change

Organization Members
  • Our members work with Organizations in their communities to: Improve the effectiveness of their Digital Transformation programs  and help extend their Organization’s reach to communities where they do business

Fund Community Projects
  • Being a non-profit that generates revenue, we aspire to allocate 90% of our revenues to support community projects that are led by our members

Our Reach

Our Reach

(since May 2023)

Learning Center

Learning Center

Online Courses (Free)

  • Lived Experiences as Change Requirements (coming soon)

  • Roadmap for Change within Organization and within Community (coming soon)

  • Ways to Build Momentum for Change (coming soon)

Upon completion of these courses - you can have a successful career as a change leader where you Work and where you Live.

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