Lived Experiences & Digital Transformation

Do IT-Centric Projects Differently

By focusing on the Lived Experiences of staff, customers, partners, industry experts, and management, we believe, we can do IT-centric projects differently and drive purposeful digital transformation.  

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Lived Experiences  Background

Lived Experiences & Digital Transformation 

The voice of:

People who drive change

Explore how : 

  • Unlock the Potential of your Staff 

  • Empower your staff to choose  projects that inspire them

  • Help  staff identify and develop skills that are in demand and purposeful 

  • Commission staff to share their Lived Experiences and be recognized for their work 


Results you can measure :

  • Skills match 


  • Project staffing 

  • Self-directed learning 


  • Mentorships

Voice Of People Who Drive Change

The voice of:

staff, customers, industry experts, management, and special interest groups who help shape change

Explore how :

  • Business Transformation

  • Lived Experiences & Business Requirements (manage Business Requirements conundrum)

  • Roadmap, Business Case and Portfolio of Projects 

  • Agile Project Management 

  • Continuous Improvement 

Results you can measure :

  • Time to plan and implement 

  • # of people involved in shaping and delivering change 

  • Value for transformation dollars 

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The voice of:

Communities where people live & work

Explore how : 

  • Corporate Social Responsibility 

  • Identify areas to improve

  • Facilitate virtual teams to tackle most daunting  challenges of our times


  • Make social currency a purposeful measure

Results you can measure :

  • # of CSR projects planned/executed 

  • # of people (staff, external) involved in CSR projects

  • # of people impacted 

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Digital Transformation Services Background

Our Digital Transformation Services 

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Improve Strategy Execution Capability
Improve staff engagement & empower them to share their Lived Experiences
Improve staff engagement & empower them to share their Lived Experiences

Our engagement and AI analysts will work with your staff to develop and implement approaches to improve staff engagement. 

Integrate Lived Experiences into project delivery life cycle
Integrate Lived Experiences into project delivery life cycle

Our analysts will work with your enterprise architecture and PMO staff to extend Lived Experiences into requirements, roadmaps, and portfolios of projects.

Leverage Lived Experiences of staff and public to share Corporate Social Responsibility efforts
Leverage Lived Experiences of staff and public to shape your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts

Lived Experiences of 
your staff and public go beyond your current Value Chain. Our analysts will work with  your CSR teams to translate these Lived Experiences into CSR initiatives.

Help Execute Change Strategy
Translate Strategy into Portfolio of Projects
Translate Strategy into Portfolio of Projects

For selected change strategies, our architect will work with your stakeholders to develop roadmaps and a portfolio of projects.

Agile Implementation - simultaneously work on multiple releases
Agile Implementation - simultaneously work on multiple releases

For the selected strategies, our architects will maintain stakeholder 
engagement, maintain roadmaps, define the scope of each agile project, and provide Solution Architecture support.

Continuous Improvement and Centers of Competency
Continuous Improvement and  Centers of Competency

Our architect will prepare your organization for post-go-live and help implement continuous  improvement and center of competencies that is based on ongoing Lived Experiences of 

Make Lived Experiences Real Background

Make Lived Experiences Real

In Three Simple Steps

Step 1

Discovery Workshop 


Activities:  By focusing on  a specific Change Strategy, engage broad set of stakeholders and empower them to share their Lived Experiences.  


Outcomes: Based on shared Lived Experiences, our analyst will outline  a roadmap,  30, 60, 90 day implementation Plan. 


Step 2

Private Pilot


Activities: Incrementally extend the platform to your staff, enroll other change strategies,  and make Lived Experiences a continuous input to  your current change delivery process.

Outcomes: Demonstrate quantifiable impact on expected business outcomes

Step 3



Activities: Engage your office and field staff, partners, and customers, learn from their Lived Experiences and engineer change that matters.


Outcomes: Help make staff engagement part of your corporate scorecard and showcase impact of Lived Experiences beyond your current Value Chain.

FAQ Background
Our Strengths Background

Our Strengths

#DoBetter #HelpDoBetter
#DoBetter #HelpDoBetter
  • We continuously strive to Learn, Practice, and  Do to Be Better

  • Once mastered, we openly share our learning to help others Do Better

Can Do Attitude
  • Our strength isn't our size but rather our ability to seek and do work with purpose.

  • We believe, It is not the quality of technical solutions that drives change; it is quality multiplied by the commitment that brings meaningful change

Since 1999
  • Completed more than 50 business transformation programs

  • Commercialized seven software solutions

  • Mentored hundreds of architects and business transformation practitioners 

Business Meeting

Our Musings

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September 06, 2022

If we confirm that most people are creative, capable, caring, and not lazy, self-interested, and competitive within a zero-sum mindset then how do we reduce friction to their engagement, ...


Unlock the Potential of your Projects Staff

Aug 10, 2022

Digital transformation is inevitable for all business

Scarcity of Project and Tech staff is here to stay

Win will require how we empower staff to be their best beyond empty accolades 

I believe we can do it; we must do it and be part of a movement that builds a better tomorrow for all. 


Next Business Change Strategy, Try Something Different

April 25, 2022

As a professional, I thought the roadmap sucked. It didn’t reflect the culture of the organization and there was nothing transformational in it. It simply reflected what everybody else was doing, the definition of insanity. I simply took a low-risk path and failed to serve. . . .