Wicked Strategies & Opportunities to #doBetter, #HelpdoBetter

Some business opportunities are just complex or often referred to as Wicked.  WhiteSparrow platform was designed to help develop tactical and strategic roadmaps for such opportunities and see them to the conclusion.


Typical Wicked Strategies and Our Team Experience:

workplace safety.png


Improve Workplace Safety, Efficiency, and Product Quality.

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Climate Change and Financial Disclosures

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Digital Transformation and Organization Inertia.


Making Corporate Social Responsibility a Daily Act.


Rethink Long Term Care.

Start with the Lived Experiences of your
Staff, Customers, Partners, Experts, Management, Markets, Special Interest Groups . . .

WhiteSparrow Platform Benefits

Broadly communicate:

  • Strategic Priorities

  • Areas of Focus

  • Initiatives

  • Impacted Systems & Processes

  • Investments and Expected Results

Enable stakeholders to share their lived experiences:

  • Staff can share their experiences as they interact with current systems and processes

  • Industry and internal experts can guide what is engineeringly possible and socially acceptable within the target priorities

  • Management can balance the need for results and tolerance for disruptions

Develop high-quality roadmaps and implementation plans

  • Leverage these experiences to develop and maintain high-quality roadmaps in real-time

  • By making sharing of Lived Experiences an enterprise capability, architecture teams can overcome the enterprise architecture skills gaps.

  • Bring the necessary specificity to manage system integrator and provider contracts.

  • Seamlessly integrate with your Architecture Repository, Incident Management, CMDB, Program Management Systems

  • Empower staff and remote workers to help you build the 21st-century organization.

WhiteSparrow is Different 

  • Wicked Strategies Intake process doesn’t start with an explicit request for a project, it starts with a deep understanding of partners' business plans, strategic priorities, and obstacles that prevent the achievement of desired business goals.
  • This shared ownership for common Purpose powers the lines of business staff and professionals from Business Relationship Management, Architecture, Project Management, Project Teams to deliver necessary change, and set the stage for Post Change Value Optimization.


Attention Top Employers

with WhiteSparrow platform, further empower your staff to help you build  21st Century Organizations 

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