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Pipeline of IT-Enabled Opportunities

In Organizations where we Work and in Communities where we Live

Extend the capabilities of your current ServiceNow platform  

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How It Works

How to build & execute an agile pipeline of opportunities seamlessly.

Empower your IT service management, business relationship partners,  enterprise architects, portfolio, project management professionals and enterprise staff to drive transformation change from a single Pipeline of Opportunities

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Keep It Simple

Put WhiteSparrow Labs systems and practices to work  

Application Features 

From Lived Experiences to Tangible Changes 


Map opportunities arising from Business Strategy (Top Down) and Enterprise Pulse (Bottom Up)

Engage Staff

Actively engage all impacted stakeholders and solicit their Lived Experiences with current processes and systems. 


Analyze Lived Experiences and identify improvements to Level 1 enterprise processes. (typical High Level Business Requirements)

Business Case

Continuously define roadmaps and business cases  

Agile Release Trains 

For selected roadmaps, define agile release plans and monitor improvement being deployed  

Trace Change 

Trace improvements to all level 1 processes with each release. (Assess Valua Realization)

Our Partners 

Why IT Professionals like WhiteSparrow Labs


Momentum for Change

When people are engaged, it creates momentum for change, and that momentum carries the day across the organization and in communities.


Healthy Pipeline

Without adding any additional overhead, we are now able to create and maintain a healthy pipeline of opportunities. The only downside is that we can now hold each other accountable.


Solution Direction 

With bottom-up Lived Experiences as an input, the solution direction often deviates from the top-down perspective.



The impact of change is not just within the organizations but across communities where we operate.

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