WhiteSparrow Platform Supports Many Roles, Learn How?


Scenario: Our Business Plan and three-year Strategy is well documented. We need our staff to get engaged to Shape Opportunities by focusing on areas to improve, help define/refine the portfolio of investments, work collaboratively to execute change with a focus on post-change value optimization.

With the WhiteSparrow platform, we can publish, maintain, and engage our entire organization with our business plans and strategies. 


LOB Staff 

Scenario: As a staff member, I work with our capabilities and systems on daily basis. I can help identify areas to improve by considering:       

  • Obstacles that hinder our business plans and strategies,

  • Things that get in the way of me doing my job,

  • Missed opportunities to serve our customers and my colleagues,

  • Unsafe work conditions,

  • Things that take away from the joy of working with my team,

  • Opportunity to share why these strategies are important to our Purpose    

In WhiteSparoow, the ability to post interactions are as simple as Facebook.s



Scenario: As a BRM, I have a clear understanding of my partner's business plans and strategy, through our engaged LOB staff, have a significant insight on obstacles and opportunities, my partner needs me to help them establish an Art of Possibilities and a Pragmatic Roadmap and Business Case.  

Readily available information that is transparent and accurate allows me to focus on relationships, not spend my day seeking and validating information.



Scenario: As an Enterprise Architect, I am responsible for establishing the Enterprise Capabilities Roadmaps that support our organization's overall strategic plan and Purpose. As well as work with project teams and support staff to ensure the capabilities are being transitioned and leveraged optimally.  

WhiteSparrow platform’s approach to actively engage staff and continuously seek their input as Interactions. It is an ideal way to collect and process Architecture Requirements. It enables me to deliver fit-for-purpose enterprise capabilities.  

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Project Manager

Scenario: It is a pleasure to manage a project when I can create a Project Charter and validate all business case assumptions in less than three days. Knowing there is shared ownership for change and results, I can adjust our plans as we learn and do more during the implementation.

The rigor at Intake helps me deliver better results and help my team experience the joy of work.hat 



Scenario: We need to know the Status of all strategies, opportunities, projects in Realtime. Not only we need to know the reported Status, but background insight that makes the Status to be what it is. Governance in our organization is about coaching, not fault-finding. 

WhiteSparrow dashboard delivers us this information without any extra work by the staff.