Mature Your Business Transformation Processes with WhiteSparrow
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Shape Demand

(Roadmap & Business Case)

We know what we need to change, but it takes weeks or even months to understand what will it take to realize the potential benefits.

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Manage Change Programs 

During the project execution phase, we discover new opportunities, given the scope and timeline for an inflight project is fixed, we need a better way to ensure these opportunities don’t get overlooked, and the potential to meaningfully engage our staff isn't missed.

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Optimize Value

(Post Go Live Value Realization)

We need the ability to track what obstacles got addressed by the investment and what new ones emerged as well as validate with the end-users if the removed obstacles did in fact help drive the necessary change.

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Dashboard & Coach 

We need a control panel view to know and course correct our journey towards Relationship Centric Organization.   

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Evolve Culture

WhiteSparrow platform implements more than 100 Scenarios,  Talk to our Product Owner. 

? - Discuss your

Unique Process

WhiteSparrow implements nearly 50 major processes, reach out to our Product Owner  and Discuss your Unique Process?

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Communicate Business Strategy and Plan

We need to communicate our Strategy, Business Plans and how they map to our enterprise capabilities/value chain. Through authentic and consistent communication, we can all be on same the page: Our Purpose and Why It Matters to Us.

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Engage Staff & Build Shared Ownership

We need the ability to engage our staff to identify areas to explore and help surface relevant improvement opportunities.  

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Surface Demand (Opportunities)

Based on Business Plans and Strategies as well as Interactions (areas to explore for improvements) identified by the Lines of Business stakeholders, we need to know the art of possibilities and magnitude of change to realize the full potential of our Change Programs.