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Use Case #1

Agile Product Development

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Continuously engage relevant stakeholders, synthesize their Lived Experiences, establish Opportunities, and update the Product Roadmap that includes the total cost of development, deployment, migration, and support.


Ensure Backlog of Features and Functions optimize the total return on investment for both us and our customers.   

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Continuously engage relevant stakeholders to understand their pain points, advances in relevant technologies, and social attitude towards change, and maintain an up-to-date roadmap for critical business capabilities.


Assist Line of Business (LOB) leadership seek necessary investments and through Lived Experiences main shared ownership throughout planning and deployment phases.

Use Case #2

Capabilities Roadmap

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Build the ability to engage relevant stakeholders, iteratively develop and test hypotheses to improve knowledge, and develop Minimum Viable Product/Service.


Ability to incorporate incremental MVP into the current value chain.


Build a Culture of Innovation, Risk Management, and Reward Mechanism.

Use Case #3

Innovation & Disruptive Change 


Ability to communicate the business vision to relevant stakeholders and engage them to teach us potential pain-points that prevent the achievement of stated vision.


This needs to be done continuously and in real-time to achieve maximum engagement.


Use these experiences to build roadmaps, investment plans, and shared commitment of all.   

Use Case #4

Business Strategy

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Using Lived Experiences of relevant stakeholders, quantify the scope of the Opportunity (bottom-up), overall roadmap, agile implementation plan, and business case.


Complete the planning effort in 1 to 2 months at a cost of less than 5% of the estimated investment.  Ability to validate the quality of plan post-go-live.

Use Case #5

Agile Project Management Office 

Use Case #?

Your Use Case 

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