Improve Change Programs Investment Efficiency
Power Architecture and BRM Teams 
Panel Discussion
Webinar Series 

talent wins games, teamwork  and intelligence wins championships”

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Webinar Detail


Generate New Knowledge that can help EA and BRM teams to move the Partnerships and Shared Ownership dial to improve the efficiency of investment in Change Programs that leads to continuous (incremental or giant steps) progress towards the Purpose.    



Learning Goals 

  1. Scope of EA and BRM Disciplines in a large organization, the idea of Shared Ownership 

  2. Obstacles, Opportunities, and Approaches  to building a formidable team to improve Intake and Value Optimisation Process 

  3. Practical insight on how to simultaneously mature BRM and EA capability for the common good




  1. Introduction of Goals, Agenda, and Panelist (5 Min)

  2. Recap from the last webinar - Organization’s Character, Value of BRM and EA Professionals/Skills: (5 Min)

  3. Panelist Prepared Statement –what contributed to the success, what could have helped achieve better results, what did you learn, Tell us a story?  (5 Min each)

    1. Government/Public: (US Govt/Health Insurance)

    2. Semi-Public – Respond to Threats/Opportunities: (Utilities - hydro, water, gas, public insurance,)

    3. Private – For-Profit:  (Tesla vs other Auto Makers)  

    4. Private – Public Good:  (Regulated and Stiff Competition (Universities, healthcare delivery)

    5. New Challengers: (Create new markets with core new technologies)

  4. Follow Up Questions from Audience(15 Min)

    1. One question from me (to warm up the QA session)

      1. As long as I have been working as a Part of Change Teams (in IT) – two areas have been most challenging – Intake (before the Project Charter is established) and Post Go-Live (what happens after go-live – Value Realization)

      2. What things can we do differently to break this endless loop? (my suggestion – don’t try to create an explicit business case for each incremental investment) and what obstacles we must overcome to try the new approach.

  5. Wrap Up: 5 Min

    1. Call to Action – two associations lets work together in a complementary manner


Date & Time: 

Wednesday, Dec 16, 2020

12:00 pm - 01:00 pm EST


Cost: Free

The efficiency of Change Programs

About the Moderator

Jason Uppal, P.Eng. is a registered professional engineer in the province of Ontario, Canada, and Open CA Level 3 certified chief architect, since 2012. 


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