Right Solution for Every Organization


Expand  your Revenue Generation Team without increasing  Headcount

IT & Professional Services

Full-featured enterprise system (SaaS) to predictably increase your revenue and margins.



$500+$5/User Account/Month



  • Dedicated WhiteSparrow Sales  Specialist to work with your staff on-site or virtually

  • Web and Mobile Front End

  • Integration with mail, web forms, LinkedIn


Full-featured enterprise system (SaaS) to help you get your new innovation to the market while still under development and validation 


$250/Month (up to 5 User Accounts)



  • Dedicated Startup Marketing Expert to work with your team virtually

  • Web and Mobile Interface


Full-featured enterprise system (SaaS) to extend your LinkedIn contacts into a high trust network.






  • Dedicated Mentor with unlimited chat and support resources

  • Integration with LinkedIn