WhiteSparrow Platform 
Engage Staff
Communicate Organization Purpose and Values, and let your Staff to drive the necessary Change  

Our goal was to leverage social media techniques to engage Enterprise Staff to share their Lived Experiences such as:   

  • Staff – employees and partners who use current systems, processes, and capabilities 

  • Industry Experts – learn from those who know where the selected domain is going in the future 

  • Special Interest Groups – engage stakeholders who determine your brand presence in the minds of consumers 

  • Management – know the extent of disruption and investment is feasible 

Lived Experiences  

Don’t base your architecture roadmaps on second-hand information, leverage staff Lived Experiences to drive your capabilities and product roadmaps.   

Platform Features
  • Communicate Organization Purpose, Values, and Strategic Priorities 

  • Engage Staff and Learn from their Collective Experiences

  • Drive Agile Transformation  

  • Train Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Process all Experiences in Real-Time 

  • Decision Support 

    • Are we building relationships with our Business Partners?

    • Are we delivering value?

    • Are we building Trust by analyzing Experiences and quantifying business value through a transformation?

    • Are we building Trust by driving Transformations as Planned? 

    • How is our Engaged Staff platform doing?

    • Value Plan – expected and realized value from investments? 


  • Enterprise Dashboard 

    • Make the staff Engagement Real

    • Strategic Priorities: In real-time know the status of each program, not as reported by PMO, through the active experiences of your staff. 

“Do one thing and do it well”  Steve Jobs 
Our one thing is: Engage Staff with the Purpose