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Jim Rutherford (IT), ACME Inc,  Account
Director of IT, Reduce OPEX by $5M, Jim has two new managers in his groups
Last Reviewed: 14 days, Active Action Items:  3
Relationship: 85%
Active Ops: $1,500,000
Active Sol: $250,000
Proposed Sol: $567,000
Lost: $354,000
Open Action Items
+ Action
Staff Engagement
# of Associates: 14


Speak with Jill, and get clarification on current - Vendors hosted solution (ETA - Aug 20), R - Jim) 


Arrange a working session with Finance partner/Jill to work through the Business Case for Hosted Solution (ETA Sept 12), (John Smith)  


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I was speaking Tom from HR, they need the ability to store employee health records in easily accessible format for quick access by care provider
I was speaking with Jill from Health Services, she needs the ability to run smart algorithms against the data to predict potential workplace harm.
We need  the ability to consolidate all communication to our customers to ensure message consistency and control frequency
Our contact center employees need the ability to see our customer persona when they are on call with us.