A New World for Architecture Professionals  
Case Studies: Fulfilling the Renewed Promise of EA Discipline  
Webinar Series #5

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Ever since I have been part of the Enterprise Architecture (EA) community since 2004, EA customers have always expected us to:  

  • Create credible roadmaps to capitalize on the advances in information technologies, changes in social & regulatory attitudes, extraneous disruptions to the markets, etc.

  • Ensure changes to the current operations are controlled and managed 

  • Strive to get the most out of our current capabilities 


As we come through the most widespread disruptive changes caused by COVID 19, we believe the value of EA discipline is poised for resurgence. These renewed expectations are bringing new challenges.  




Webinar Goals


Bring out of the box thinking to advance the reach of Enterprise Architecture professionals and through case-studies showcase how architects from various industries  are responding to these new challenges: 

  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain

  • Merchant Banking 

  • Municipal Services 

  • Utilities – Hydro, Water 



Webinar Topics

  1. The Ask and EA Outputs: Strategy to Credible Roadmap

  2. Challenges and Innovation Hypothesis

  3. Proposed Approach to Address Challenges

  4. Case Studies Structure 

  5. Industries: 

    1. Manufacturing (Supply Chain):  Sultan Kreishan, Supply Chain Architect 

    2. Merchant Banking 

    3. Municipal Services 

    4. Utilities – Hydro, Water: Jason Uppal,  Account Architect

  6. Call to Action 

  7. Recap Our Goal Today 

  8. Join the Journey – Fulfill your Purpose

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Date & Time:

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

11:00 am - 12:00 pm EST


Cost: Free

Master the Idea of Architecture Requirements 

About the


Jason Uppal, P.Eng. is a registered professional engineer in the province of Ontario, Canada, and Open CA Level 3 certified chief architect, since 2012. 

Open LinkedIn networker

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Supply Chain 

Sultan Kreishan​ CSCP, TOGAF, Eng. Business & Technology Advisor in Digital Transformation, Cloud journey & Target operating models



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