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Enterprise Architect to Product Owner
Webinar Series #4

Opportunity to leverage your EA skills to #doBetter, #helpdoBetter”


Webinar Detail


You are an experienced Enterprise Architect (EA) with deep technical skills, business acumen, relationship with a broad range of stakeholders, and appreciation of how COVID 19 has changed the global economy (for good).  Perhaps now is the time to take that next step: #doBetter, #helpdoBetter.      




Webinar Goals


Jason Uppal will share his ups and downs as he went from Open CA Level 3 Certified Chief Architect to a Product Owner for WhiteSparrow. Maybe this is the impetus you needed to make a similar transition within or from the outside of your organization.



Webinar Topics

  1. Review of EA skillsets and typical EA roles

  2. Covid-19 and market trends, an un-precedented disruptive change 

  3. Opportunity to innovate and disrupt (surface your passion/calling)

  4. New responsibilities as a product owner, new skills, day to day tasks

  5. Make your architecture skills an asset – application, data, security, business, OCM, and value. Promote #doBetter, #helpdoBetter mindset

  6. WhiteSparrow Current State and Roadmap

  7. Call to Action - explore

    1. Opportunities within your Organization, pros, and cons

    2. Go alone, pros, cons

    3. Pause and Engage



Don’t forget you have support

  1. Association of Enterprise Architects

  2. LinkedIn millionInnovators     

Explore a new world of Product Owners and

extend your current EA skills.


Date & Time:

Thursday, Feb 25, 2021

11:00 am - 12:00 pm EST


Cost: Free

Transition your career from EA to Product Owner

About the


Jason Uppal, P.Eng. is a registered professional engineer in the province of Ontario, Canada, and Open CA Level 3 certified chief architect, since 2012. 

Jason is an Open LinkedIn networker

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