Your IT and LOB Staff 


Your staff has the relationships and know the pain-points of your partners and prospects, engage them.

01. Account Architect 

As an Account Architect, it is my professional responsibility to help my business partners understand the art of possibilities and how my team and our extended network of partners can help our business capitalize on all the opportunities. 

02.Project Manager 

I manage IT and Business projects with the intent to achieve results, if I see anything that may prevent us from achieving our business goals, I believe it is my responsibility to help. This may include business staff, other vendors, and unbudgeted additional resources. We all win Together.

03. Finance Business Partner

Working with our partners, my team often encounters that our clients can use some of our good practices. These things are not our core business, but it allows us to communicate how we can help our accounts #DoBetter. #HelpDoBetter.  

04. BRM Executive

WhiteSparrow tool helps our partner engagement teams stay close to current accounts without making time-consuming and laborious appointments. As well as leverage our staff's extensive network to seek out prospecting accounts.  Finally, Social Media like a platform that helps us #DoBetter and allows us to #HelpDoBetter. 

05. CTO and Innovation 

The broad view of account taken by the WhiteSparrow Platform, our team can now help drive our Innovation and Partnering agenda in a much more effective and efficient manner.

06. BRM Manager 

By knowing who are the different stakeholders involved in the decision process on our accounts, we can now address the needs of each stakeholder with engineered marketing collateral. 

07. Executive Leadership

With a quick Dashboard like view, our executive team now can see, in real-time, what is the state of our relationship with all current and prospecting accounts. We don't wait for the weekly status report to react but find a way to help advance the discussion with our partners. 

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