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Test Drive WhiteSparrow 

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Complementary Workshop
Drive Digital Transformation with Lived Experiences 

Value to You

  • Solution roadmap, project plan and scope of the next 30-day release for any strategy, program or project

  • Path to continuously engage relevant stakeholders, maintain the roadmap and iteratively implement incremental change

Workshop Goal

  • Showcase how the WhiteSparrow platform incorporates Lived Experiences to shape and deliver IT-Centric  projects differently.


Workshop Deliverables

  • Lived Experiences of keys stakeholders within selected strategy/program/project context 

  • Architecture Roadmap, Portfolio of Projects and Business Case Drivers

  • First 30-day implementation plan 

  • Showcase how your team can leverages these deliverables to drive required Digital Transformation.

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Disrupt! How IT-centric projects are shaped and delivered

Oct 05, 2022

The top three reasons why IT-centric projects fall below expectations are still identified as: 1) Unclear and timely business requirements,  2) Organizational culture and governance  3) Lack of sufficient business and technical resources.  


What if we incorporate Lived Experiences approach into the current project delivery life

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