Conference Room Pilot (CRP*) 
CRP Goal
Showcase how the WhiteSparrow platform can help improve elapsed time, cost, and quality of roadmap, as well as help, maintain stakeholder confidence in the roadmap as the enabling change programs progress towards deployment.
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CRP Agenda
Pre CRP 
  • WhiteSparrow architect will preload a partial list of your industry capabilities, systems, and strategic priorities 
During the CRP 
  • Our team will engage your staff, experts, and management to share their lived experiences
  • Using WhiteSparrow machine learning algorithm, allocate experiences to strategies, capabilities, and projects
  • Showcase how WhiteSparrow generated outputs can help close the gaps between strategic priorities and expected outcomes. 
About WhiteSparrow


It is a Social Enterprise Platform designed to engage staff, industry experts, and management to help close the gap between Strategy and Net new Value. 

WhiteSparrow Architecture and  Benefits 

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Conference room pilot (CRP) is a key project implementation strategy that tests normal business case scenarios in a proposed new system to uncover people, process, and system issues, generate resolutions and define action steps needed to complete the implementation.