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Community Projects in Canada

Long Term Care
Lived Experiences  Background

Brief Overview of our Community Projects

The population of Canada: 100 million people by 2050

The world needs more of Canada and we can’t do that unless we have a population base that can thrive in Canadian Values

Lived Experiences stimulation questions:

  • Increased birth rate and adoption

  • Indigenous Economies

  • Specific and General Skilled Immigrants

  • Build new cities with Net Zero Carbon footprint


Re-Think Long-Term Care 

Let’s combine the elements of Early and Late Life Care and develop a uniquely Canadian model of care.

Lived Experiences stimulation questions:

  • Early Life (from age 4 to 13) and Late-life (from 70 to heavenly date)

  • How can the life of all be enriched by combining the two?

  • What needs to happen?

  • What could be a great experience for both?​


Policing and Justice in Canada

Defunding police will not create a fair and equitable society and serve justice, so what will,


share your Lived Experiences

  • Formation of Laws

  • Law Enforcement, Service, and Education

  • Affordable Access to the Legal System


(I don’t mean legal aid)


City of Kawarthas Net-Zero Carbon Footprint 

A Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) Let’s think big and create a plan for long-term success without handouts. Let’s set the vision for the future, and get everyone working towards achieving it

Lived Experiences stimulate questions

  • Improve our understanding of Carbon footprint

  • Learn what are other people doing


Walkable Cities 

What will reduce your dependency on the car for non-work-related activities ?


Lived Experiences stimulation questions

  • The event that you must drive to?

  • What prevents you from walking in your neighborhood?

  • What gets in the way of walking to something than driving to it?

  • What supports walking to somewhere in your neighborhood?

  • What will be nice to have? 

  • What have you seen in other neighbourhoods?

Net Zero

The population of Canada: 100 million people by 2050

“There is no way Canada can absorb 60 million new people, where will the money come from? Besides, people with energy, enthusiasm, and skills much rather stay in their own country and build there instead of coming to Canada”
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