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Use Case #4 : Conference Room Pilot
Business Strategy & Capabilities  
Business Strategy isn't just a list of new enterprise capabilities and budgets, it needs to have the commitment of all to drive the necessary change

Business Context



Senior management have established a vision of the future, the gaps are what are the required capabilities and systems, implementation sequence, estimated investments, and business value (net cashflow)



Management Ask

  • Ability to communicate the business vision to relevant stakeholders and engage them to teach us potential pain-points that prevent the achievement of stated vision.

  • This needs to be done continuously and in real-time to achieve maximum engagement.

  • Use these experiences to build roadmaps, investment plans, and shared commitment of all.   



  • City Services, Water Utilities, Provincial Services, Charities


Conference Room Pilot (CRP)


One hour conference room pilot will show you how others have improved the performance of their PMO practice and realized the following results


  • Time and Cost to develop Agile Roadmap and Implementation Plan 2 to 3 weeks

  • Quality of Roadmap: expected results vs actual results (assess at each stage gate)

  • Confidence in Implementation Plan (assess at each gate)  

WhiteSparrow Solution 

CRP Plan 

  • Pre CRP: Setup Strategic Priorities, Relevant Capabilities, Systems, and Processes

  • During CRP: Engage stakeholders and brainstorm lived experiences, showcase the power of WhiteSparrow machine learning capability 

  • CRP Sucess Criteria

    • Time & Cost to create roadmap and plan 

    • Roadmap quality 

    • Confidence 

WhiteSparrow in Action

  • SaaS Platform

    • Communicate Purpose and Values

    • Capture Lived Experiences of  Staff, Industry Experts, Special Interest Group, and Management

    • Analyze Experiences in real-time and help architecture and project teams to develop an agile roadmap and implementation plan

    • Proactively engage all relevant stakeholders using social media techniques


  • Engage Staff

    • WhiteSparrow specialist will work with your team to implement Staff Engagement Good Practices


  • Roadmap and Implementation Plan 

    • WhiteSparrow transformation professionals will work with your team to develop an agile roadmap and implementation plans and incorporate Lived Experiences in real-time.  

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