Glass Buildings
1 partners.PNG
know your business partners,  their pain points, and their business plans.  
Quality of Your Relationship
Real-Time Analytics to Build Value-Based Trusted Relationships.
Deliver Value 
know how BRM lead capabilities are bringing all teams together to drive sustainable change.
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3 surface demand.PNG
Build Trust:  Surface Demand 
Engage Enterprise Architecture teams to help define the art of possibilities. with an aggregated list of pain-points, give them a head start.
Build Trust: Shape Demand
know the stage and status of every project, understand the incremental value being unsurfaced and marshall resources to capitalize the Value Plan  
4 Shape Demand.PNG
5 Sustain.PNG
Market Yourself
Systematically ensure your partners understand your value proposition and how you can work together. 
know how engaged is your organization/staff in building relationships with your partners. 
Learn how to reward engagement.
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value plan.png
Value Plan 
know how BRM services are driving enterprise change portfolio forward.
- Opportunities (Value)
- Solutions (Cost to Deliver)
- Planned Value 
"meaningful measures that bring transparency and accountability"