BRM & EA,   a formidable team to drive
Digital Transformation for Inclusive Growth  

talent wins games, teamwork wins championships”

                                                            Michael Jordan 

Webinar Detail

For the past several years, the need for Digital Transformation and how to execute it has been discussed extensively in IT and Business communities. The COVID-19 pandemic just accelerated that need and sent most workers to work from home.


Experience shows that, In the absence of Shared Ownership among key Partners, Digital Transformation endeavours deliver only subpar results. 


The goal of this webinar is to showcase how to empower Architecture and Business Relationship Management Professionals to evolve the organization's culture that delivers not only the scope of Digital Transformation but addresses its Intent.




Learning Goals 

  1. Approach to build a formidable team to achieve the Intent of Digital Transformation for Inclusive Growth.

  2. Understand how we employed Innovation and Disruptive Change Methodology to address the wicked problem: Shared Ownership

  3. Learn how BRM and EA Professionals complement each other





  1. Life Cycle of Digital Transformation and Key Stakeholders 

  2. The Challenges from Different Stakeholders Point of View

  3. Solution Hypothesis – Characteristics of Value-Based Trusted Relationship

  4. Showcase: Day in the Life of Line of Business, Investment Portfolio Manager, BRM, EA, and PM Professionals in Digital Transformation Strategy.

  5. Your Calling: Go Beyond Winning Games, Strive for Championships. 

Working from Home
Learn how BRM and EA can work together and go beyond winning games
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Date & Time: 

Tuesday, Nov 10, 2020

11-12 am EST


Cost: Free

Digital Transformation for Inclusive Growth

About the Presenter

Jason Uppal, P.Eng. is a registered professional engineer in the province of Ontario, Canada, and Open CA Level 3 certified chief architect, since 2012. 


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